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To get to grips with the consequences in the long term, chronic diseases require more than a treatment or rehabilitation of limited duration. Treatment successes are only maintained if the sufferers permanently retain their behavioural changes, and therapies are continued over a longer time period. This often difficult transfer to everyday life is supported by aftercare.


The projects in the funding priority are concerned above all with two themes: What can already be done during the rehabilitation to foster the utilisation of rehab aftercare? How successful are aftercare offers which are supported by the Internet, E-mail or telephone?


During medical rehabilitation, it is essential to prepare for the often necessary rehab aftercare from the outset. This can be achieved by planning and testing in a concrete manner what type of aftercare is both effective in everyday life after rehabilitation and practically possible. Moreover, this should be decided upon together with the rehabilitees and should be tailored to them individually.


The preferences of the patients for particular aftercare activities play an important role in this respect. Contacts with their therapists via E-mail or telephone as well as in moderated internet chats can help patients “stick with it” in the time after rehabilitation and support them with problems.


This also enables patients to be reached who are unable to travel regularly to an aftercare group which is difficult for them to get to.