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Patient training

Particularly with chronic diseases, sufferers can assume an active role in the treatment process as a kind of “co-therapist”.


To this aim, patient training not only imparts medical knowledge but also improves how the patient deals with the illness in psychological and practical terms. In small groups, through information, joint discussion and practical exercises, all fundamental aspects of the disease and its treatment and/or rehabilitation are addressed through various occupational groups. Many sufferers find this group work helpful and feel that it eases the burden.


Through the imparting of knowledge and competences, sufferers’ ability to deal with the chronic disease autonomously is strengthened (self-management). This also leads to a growth in the ability to make self-determined decisions about lifestyle and about dealing with the illness and its consequences (empowerment).


Patient training is an integral component both in medical rehabilitation and increasingly also in curative care. The successes experienced so far suggest that it should be extended to further illnesses. However, the bar is set high if training is to lead to sustainable therapy successes.


Projects are funded in which new training programs are developed and examined in terms of their effectiveness.