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Shared decision making

Shared decision making as a part of patient orientation means that physicians and patients decide together on necessary therapies and the further procedure on the basis of shared information.


The treatment providers involved (and equally the patients) are often unaccustomed to this; they have not learned this type of communication. Therefore, in the framework of this funding priority, corresponding further training offers are developed and tested.


In this respect, not only should the patients’ involvement in decisions be improved, but all also the inclusion of all members of the treatment team. Moreover, general practitioners can learn how to set health and treatment priorities together with older chronically ill persons and in this way ensure sustainable treatment planning.


It is also examined which expectations patients have regarding communication with the treatment providers: Do these wishes differ between men and women?


Can the concept of shared decision making also be applied for groups of patients who are difficult to reach, thus improving the quality of their care? These questions are pursued in several projects, for example for patients with psychiatric illnesses (including schizophrenia) or patients with a migration background.